Chemical Cleaning
Hot Oil Flushing
Purification of Oil
Controlled Bolting (Including Flange Management)
Nitrogen Services & Nitrogen Helium Leak Testing
Hydro Jetting / Retro-Jetting
Pigging Process
Water Flushing
Pressure Testing
Valve Repair & Testing
Fabrication, Installation, Testing & Flushing of Hydraulic Tubing & Piping System
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Fabrication & Installation of GRE Pipes
Waste Water Treatment
Water Flushing

Water flushing is done to remove sediments or other contaminants that are built up in pipes during construction over time. Flushing can help reduce corrosive conditions associated with bio-film growth that can often lead to leaks and breaks. Effective water flushing is done with high flow pumps so that scouring action is created. CESCO has a range of pumps to achieve this.

Circulating Pumps
Flow Rate : 1,000 litres / min – 3,800 litres / min
Dimension : L 2000mm x W 1000mm x H 1500mm
Weight : 560 kg
Power Supply : 380 – 460 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Pressure :
Capacity :
Pipe Sizes :
Cable Length :
Dew Point :
Heat Source :
Material :
Water Tank
Flow Rate :
Dimension : L 3000mm x W 1500mm x H 1500mm
Weight : 3,200 kg
Power Supply :
Pressure :
Capacity : 6,500 litres
Pipe Sizes :
Cable Length :
Dew Point :
Heat Source :
Material : Carbon Steel – Tank Internal Coated with Epoxy